FisherBroyles, LLP (“FisherBroyles”) adds eight new partners to its Intellectual Property Group, making it a total of 34 patent and trademark attorneys and agents.“In the past three weeks, FisherBroyles has welcomed

“John Dawson, Andrew Gonsalves, W. Scott Harders, E.J. Joswick, Gary Katz, Robert Kinberg, Joseph Manak, and Jason Pass,” said T.J. DoVale, FisherBroyles’ Intellectual Property Group Managing Partner. “We are seeing explosive growth and continued interest in businesses understanding the value of working with a experienced patent attorneys when protecting their intellectual property, without having to break the bank for that expertise. The addition of these seasoned veterans to a practice group that already had over 200 years of combined experience will place us front and center for intellectual property law.” “We have now reached a critical mass for a world-class Intellectual Property Group,” said James M. Fisher II, FisherBroyles’ Co-Founder and Managing Partner, “T.J. has done a phenomenal job in helping us achieve this milestone.”

  1. John Dawson joins the Seattle office. John is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of intellectual property and technology experience.
  2. Andrew Gonsalves joins the New York office. Andrew is is a patent attorney with 15+ years of experience, who concentrates his patent practice in the life sciences, biotechnology, and chemical fields.
  3. Scott Harders joins the Cleveland office. Scott has been practicing intellectual property law, with an emphasis in the electrical arts for over 20 years.
  4. E.J. Joswick joins the Atlanta office. E.J. focuses his practice on patent prosecution, litigation, and licensing in the electrical and software arts. E.J. has been practicing IP law for 13+ years.
  5. Gary Katz joins the Houston office. Gary has over 16 years of legal experience, concentrating his practice on patent prosecution in the oil exploration, petroleum engineering, off-shore technology, mechanical, chemical, refining technologies.
  6. Robert Kinberg joins the Washington, DC office. Bob has in excess of 30 years experience drafting and/or prosecuting over 2000 patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in diverse electrical, mechanical and physical science technologies in equally diverse fields,
  7. Joseph Manak joins the New York office. While Joe’s education focused on Chemistry and Computer Science, his nearly 30 years of patent and IP practice spans a very broad range of technologies and industries.
  8. Jason Pass joins the Seattle office. Dr. Jason Pass focuses his practice in the field of intellectual property, with a particular emphasis on patent procurement and client counseling in the life sciences and computer sciences.

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