When you remove the walls, there is no ceiling®

FisherBroyles, LLP (“FisherBroyles”) is committed to fostering, cultivating, promoting, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion, which respects and appreciates differences of the people in our firm. Our model institutionalizes inclusiveness. The result is an explosion of organic diversity, making FisherBroyles one of the most diverse partnerships of any large law firm in the United States. Many firms market culture through false initiatives that provide lip service to real inclusion, while maintaining a structure that continues to exclude. We view that approach as an attempt to placate an industry hungry for true diversity while maintaining the status quo. By contrast, our commitment is to a transparent, merit-based business model that naturally attracts top-notch attorneys from diverse backgrounds and rewards successful attorneys equally, without regard for discretionary factors or characteristics.

FisherBroyles focuses on the needs of its people to ensure that we create an environment where each person can achieve their maximum potential. We actively encourage and value our cultural differences in all facets of our work and personal lives without regard to any personal or immutable characteristics in our practices and policies on recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, and all other areas of our practice. Diversity is at the core of our ability to effectively represent our clients, it supports and strengthens our culture, and it enhances our national reputation, one that attracts and retains the best legal talent in order to serve our clients.

Our philosophy and culture of inclusion starts at the top. We promote and facilitate the ongoing development of a diverse work environment built on equality, a premise that cultivates and enforces:

  • Respectful communication and cooperation among all people;
  • Real work/life balance;
  • Accountability; and
  • Transparency and objectivity.

The combination of these factors facilitates the attraction and retention of top talent and enables us to retain lawyers who thrive within an environment where all benefit from the same opportunities to grow and succeed.

The founders of FisherBroyles knew this. By removing the impediments that frustrate diverse and talented attorneys, James Fisher and Kevin Broyles created a law firm with a deep and accomplished bench without the bureaucracy, politics, favoritism, cliquishness, and arbitrariness that talented and dedicated lawyers loathe. We expect all of our people to embrace the values of dignity, inclusion, and respect at all times, and we fully embrace and value our diversity. The result? Dynamic practice groups containing perspectives borne from each member’s experience.

How do we do this? Transparency & Flexibility

FisherBroyles uses a non-discretionary formula to compensate partners for client generation, client management, work performed, collaboration, and firm growth. One partner’s increase does not depend on another partner’s decrease. FisherBroyles’ model inherently promotes equality and diversity, and values inclusion. Without a billable hours quota, our partners’ interests are aligned with our clients’ interests – to efficiently provide strong and competent representation.

We do not have or need a “flex-time” policy, because work-life balance is a fundamental pillar of the model. We have created common ground among partners and clients by focusing on sophisticated client service with proper innovation and flexible work arrangements. FisherBroyles treats partners like professionals (not profit centers), and our partners manage their practices professionally.

We seek to work with accomplished, capable, smart people. Everyone works hard, and everyone succeeds on her or his own merits. Neither gender nor any other subjective factor plays a part.

  • No one is on a “partnership track,” because all of our attorneys are partners. We alleviate the stereotypical cliques associated with “making partner,” such as flex-time, billable hours, and financial leverage. You will not find a culture of exclusion. Rather, you will find flexibility, transparency, mutual respect, and accountability.

Our compensation is non-discretionary. Partners are paid their equity, calculated using a standard formula and based on payments collected in the previous two weeks. The distribution includes compensation for generating and sharing work, hours billed, and managing clients. Partners also earn compensation for recruiting quality partners to join the firm, which means they have a vested interest in seeing their fellow partners succeed.

  • The formula implements a true meritocracy where these aspects are almost exclusively based on ability and talent — the formula always wears the justice blindfold. As a distributed partnership that relies heavily on the efficiency and innovation of technology, we like to say that when you remove the walls, there is no ceiling. That also means no glass ceiling, smoke-filled room, old boys’ network, or any other thumb on the partnership scales against or for any partner(s).
  • FisherBroyles partners do not subsidize other partners’ practices. If a partner or partnership group requires an overhead expense (whether human capital, real estate, or otherwise), they pay for it themselves. Without organizational strife, partnership is transformed from a burden to a beneficial relationship that fosters inclusiveness. Transparency allows lawyers to see the reward of collaboration rather than engage in forced interactions or obligatory “face time.”

The result: exceptional service focused on client value-added.

Quality of Life

The FisherBroyles model provides our people with the quality of life that works for them while providing clients efficient and quality services at predictable and flexible rates, without incorporating costs for inexperienced associates, modern office suites, expensive furniture and artwork, or systems and costs that do not benefit all partners. We do not just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Partners customize their own support and resources, and work as much or as little as necessary to effectively represent our clients. Our partners’ practices are completely scalable to the needs of each client and their desired work-life balance without sacrificing either.

Diversity & Inclusion in Action

In cultivating different ideas and perspectives, we strive to exceed expectations by encouraging and supporting our people in activities that promote diversity, and we engage in many activities and organizations to encourage diversity and inclusion.

Our model creates a workplace of both parity and diversity, which breeds inclusivity, as confirmed by the satisfaction of our lawyers. Like the world in general, workplaces must continuously evolve — changing technology, updating practices, and determining strategies. In the legal industry, FisherBroyles is that change.