FisherBroyles Provides:

As a rule of thumb, FisherBroyles provides resources that benefit all partners in the firm.

Examples include:

  • Malpractice/E&O Insurance
  • Document Management System/NetDocuments and related Vendor support
  • Billing/Timekeeping Software
  • Website
  • Microsoft 365 and related Vendor support (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.)
  • Basic marketing material (not specific to individual’s practice)
  • Business Cards
  • Recruiting (Headhunter fees, and management meetings with recruits)
  • Back Office Accounting Service
    • AP (check, wires, etc. – fees apply)
    • AR (credit card processing (fees apply to the finder)
    • Invoice/Statement Preparation (Partners are responsible for distribution to clients)
  • Workshare Protect (Metadata scrubbing software)

Individual Partner Responsibilities:
As a rule of thumb, those practice tools that benefit an individual partner or a practice group are the
responsibility(ies) of the individual partner or subset of partners.  This is a list of suggestions not requirements.

  • Hardware (computer, scanner, copier, shredder, cell phones, office supplies etc.) DO NOT PURCHASE MICROSOFT OFFICE as this is covered by the firm.
  • Administrative Assistants, Paralegals*
  • Practice specific software (LexisNexis, Practical Law, Workshare Professional, etc.)
  • Adobe Pro
  • Marketing expenses (meals & entertainment; customized materials)
  • Bar dues, CLEs and Sponsorships
  • Personal recruiting efforts (meals & entertainment)
  • Collection efforts (accounting will assist with providing needed information/reports)
  • Net Stamps account through US postal service (allowing you to print first class mail, priority, express, and certified directly from your printer)
  • Federal Express account (free) that will pick up and drop off at your front door
  • VOIP line that forwards to your cell(s) for your landline
  • Internet fax service
  • Office Supplies
  • Archival and storage of hard copies of documents