September 28, 2016 — FisherBroyles Partner, R. Mark Halligan, will be speaking at PLI’s Trade Secrets 2016: What Every IP Attorney Should Know on 11/1 at the New York Conference Center.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand recent legal developments and trends
  • Learn the latest about new legislation concerning trade secrets in the United States, including the Defend Trade Secrets Act, and abroad
  • Evaluate the growing range of legal and practical tools available to protect trade secrets and prevail in trade secrets disputes
  • Identify best practices for protecting and enforcing trade secret rights
  • Detect early warning signs of misappropriation
  • How to deal with trade secrets crises
  • What to expect in trade secrets litigation: why it’s not litigation as usual
  • Designing effective equitable remedies for misappropriation
  • Special considerations in calculating and recovering damages for trade secret misappropriation
  • Criminal prosecution of trade secret-related crimes
  • The interplay between trade secrets law and patent law

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