FisherBroyles Partners Jack L. Wuerker and Amy Epstein Gluck secured a Virginia Supreme Court ruling in favor of their clients, Cross-Land Harbour, Inc. and Harbour Constructors Co., which affirmed a circuit court holding that dismissed their opponent’s case in its entirety. The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that there was “no reversible error” in the circuit court’s decision after it was appealed by McClung-Logan Equipment Company. Eight years of extensive litigation in various state and federal courts ended when the Virginia Supreme Court agreed with Wuerker’s and Epstein Gluck’s positions on matters that included breach of contract, fraud on the court, and enforcement of a forum selection clause based on law of the case and other principles, including the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic fraud and pleading requirements for a claim based on fraud on the court.

A copy of the Court Order can be read here.