FisherBroyles has a deep patent prosecution bench serving clients from individual inventors to Fortune 100 companies.  We have patent practitioners in a wide variety of technical fields, including mechanical, medtech, chemistry, biotech, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, electrical, and computer hardware and software.  Our patent prosecution services include patent application preparation and prosecution before the U.S., PCT, and foreign examining authorities. If desired, we can provide additional services, including patentability, inventorship, validity, infringement, and freedom to operate studies and opinions, licensing, and portfolio counseling. We can also serve as patent litigation counsel for any matter.

FisherBroyles’ technical expertise includes the following areas, among others:

Biotechnical ArtsBrewster, Eckman, Echler, Gonsalves, Hill, Jacobson, Leak, Pass, Sladek, D. Smith, Warr, Crowley-Weber, Whiting, Wu
Computer Science ArtsBills, Brooks, Eisenhart, Fettig, Hanks, Harders, Hill, Hornsby, Jablonski, Kim, Kitz, Lee, Lehrer, Lunt, McBeth, Minsk, Mueller, Naccarella, Pass, Pohl, Reinitz, Shimmick, R. Smith, Stolowitz, Turner, Walsworth, Way, Werking, Wickstrom
Chemical ArtsDriscoll, Echler, Fullmer, Gonsalves, Jacobson, Oiler, Petersen, Russell, Shimmick, D. Smith, Wagner, Whiting, Wickstrom
Electrical ArtsBills, Boyd, Brooks, Fettig, Hanks, Harders, Hornsby, Jablonski, Kim, Kinberg, Lee, Lehrer, Lunt, Minsk, Mueller, Naccarella, Osborne, Pass, Phillips, Pohl, Pulley, Reinitz, Turner, R. Smith, Stolowitz, Walsworth, Way, Werking, Wickstrom
Mechanical ArtsBancroft, Bernabeo, Boyd, DoVale, Eisenhart, Huffstetler, C. Mueller, J. Mueller, Oiler, Phillips, Pulley, Quinalty, Russell, Sanders, Walsworth, Wickstrom