Partners Alastair Warr, as lead counsel, and Michael Khoury secured an arbitration award in favor of our client Williams International Co., LLC.

This complicated arbitration arose out of Williams’s decision not to repair two engines recovered from a crashed business jet. Without disclosing the severity of the aircraft crash, the plaintiff asked Williams to evaluate two FJ44-3 engines for repair and return to service. After Williams determined the engines were not safe to repair and return to service, it was sued for breach of contract, fraud, abuse of monopoly and other torts. On September 24, 2019, after two years of arbitration, the AAA arbitrator determined Williams’s actions were fully justified by its Instructions for Continued Airworthiness and the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations. The Arbitrator found that Williams prioritized safety over pleasing a customer and over making money on an “ill-advised” repair proposed by its customer. Further, the Arbitrator concluded Williams’s decision was not only the “correct legal result” but manifestly “good public policy” that should be encouraged. Importantly, Williams’s business operations were found compliant with the antitrust laws and FAA regulations.